Top 10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage - Peter Tögel, Top Destination & High-End Atlanta Wedding Photographers


When you first get married or think about marriage, it may seem like fun and games. You think that spending the entire day with the person you love would be exciting wouldn’t it?

Waking them up every morning and sleeping next to them every night may seem like a fairytale. However, when you ask married couples, they believe there is more to that. Marriage isn’t all about love and passion, rather compassion and commitment. So this is why we have compiled together a list of secrets by happily married couples for you. Follow these and you will most indefinitely live a happy and successful married life with your partner. 

Enjoy together

To live a happy life and marriage, it is very important to not let your inner child die. Plan activities and fun things with your spouse. They can be anything from camping in the backyard under the stars to making pillow forts in the living room. You should want to surprise your partner every now and then to make them happy. Take them out on a date, go on a trip, or go out randomly in the middle of the night for ice cream. The key thing is to enjoy the time you have together as we never know how long we have. Savor every moment. 

Giving is key

For a happy relation, try to minimize expectations and maximize meeting theirs. If you keep thinking of how they did not give you what you wanted and how they did not fulfill your expectations, you will always remain disappointed. However, if you become the giver and give them all you have, then you will always remain satisfied and happy in a marriage. This is because you will know you have given them all that you can. 

Understand them 

Many love experts believe that we all speak a special sort of love language. It can be of various kinds, but 5 have been identified most commonly. We believe that you need to learn how to speak your spouse’s love language. You need to understand in what way their mind works and the type of love they can give you. When you understand this, you know what to expect of them and how to help them. 

Put them first always

Practicing selflessness is the key to a happy marriage. Instead of being selfish and thinking about your betterment, think of you and your spouse as one. This will help you be selfless towards them. 

Show them off

When you go to a party, instead of sharing wife/husband jokes that belittle your partner show your partner off. Make them feel valued and appreciated. Let them know that you value their love and support. This will help raise their appreciation for you. 

Spice up the romance

A lot of marriages tend to shift only towards the compassion paradigm and leave the romance out. Killing the romance kills the marriage. Keep the spice in your marriage by adding romance. This can be done through simple things like getting flowers after work, complementing your spouse or taking them on a spontaneous date. 

Always talk

Instead of closing off and going to bed angry, talk. Make this a rule in your marriage. Never sleep angry. This will help keep all problems at bay as you and your spouse will always be on the same page.

Naked Fighting

Many experts suggest that when you fight, fight naked. This instigates laughter and the fight tends to discontinue soon enough. Maybe naked fighting is the ultimate key to a happy marriage?

Forgive and forget

The one thing you should always do is forgive your spouse easily. Instead of holding grudges and keeping things in your heart, talk them out. Forgive one another and move on. This will lead to a happier and healthier marriage. 

Promises are meant to be kept

When you make a promise to your spouse, keep it. Do not break it because this brings in the element of trust. When there is trust in a marriage, it is always happy and successful.