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First Look

Top Five Reasons you should opt for a First Look

Some wedding traditions are just plain good fun, but let's face it: some are a real pain to carry out!! None falls more into this category than making the groom wait to see his bride as she walks down the aisle!

Here are the Top Five Reasons you should opt for a First Look as opposed to the "traditional" walk down the aisle reveal...

  1. Debunking the Bad Luck Theory
    The tradition of not seeing each other until the actual ceremony begins (or even after the groom pledges to take this woman as his wife) comes from the days of pre-arranged marriages. It was feared that someone might decide to hit the road if given the chance to see each other beforehand. There are no statistics supporting the notion that there is "bad luck" or that your marriage will inevitably end just because he saw you one or two hours earlier.

  2. Seeing His Face at That Moment
    First Look still provides you with "that moment," but in an even more intimate setting. C'mon admit it, ladies! You are dying to see the expression on your guy's face when he gets his first peek at you all dressed and groomed like nobody's business on this day of all days!! Do you really think you will enjoy that moment as much when he is half a football field away and by the time you pass by all the aunties, cousins, buddies and grandparents that he will still be wearing the same expression as he did that first moment of seeing you? Nope! You are going to miss it completely and just hope it translates well in the pictures you will look at in a few days or weeks.

  3. Crazy Nerves and Wedding Day Jitters
    One of the toughest parts of your wedding day is going to be the nerves you will have...and sometimes the downright irritability at getting all ready (paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for this look) and then hoping no one or nothing crashes, smudges, wrinkles, dusts, dirties or otherwise destroys your appearance before all of the guests have arrived and are in place (guess the percentage of wedding ceremonies that begin on time). And don't even think about messing up your makeup with a bite to eat even though you just remembered that last night's dinner was the last time you nourished yourself. This is your day! Why should you wait for everyone else or even the clock? Why not let everyone else cater to your timetable? When you are finished preparing, let's bring on the groom! You will wait out the remaining time together with laughter and smiles instead of nail biting and hunger pains.

  4. Sharing the Intimacy of Your Day
    Every moment of your wedding day will go by like a blur! Give yourselves the chance to connect and feel reassured that - just like life and its turmoils - you will get through this day together, hand in hand. Having those few minutes to relax together - however, you decide to spend those moments - will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy and encourage each other at the onset of the day. What a perfect start to match the way you will also end this day that marks the beginning of your oneness.

  5. First Look Photo Opportunities
    You put so much time and effort (and dollars) into planning every aspect of your look and your day - it is essential to document everything since very soon these photographs will be your only lasting record of every moment! You will be amazed what you will NOT remember from your day, so having a skilled and talented photography team there to create your memories for you is essential. And whether you do opt to carve out your own special time to see each other before your ceremony or wait until the walk down the aisle, don't skimp on the category of photography! This is one day you cannot get back!!


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