The Peter Tögel Photography wall art collections were designed to raise your sensual experience to an entirely new level. From the chromatic adherence to the precision of the mounting, every detail is intended to provide a pleasurable experience!

Metal Float Panels – Magical Luminescence

Our Metal Float Panels represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Your images will take on a magical luminescence. You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

High-Impact Acrylic Panels – Vibrant colors and breathtaking details

Our ultra-transparent acrylic panels ensure total print accuracy from your files. No enhancements or adjustments. Just precise color management for a flawless and long-lasting fine art print under the acrylic layer. Available in both glossy and matte finish, High-Impact AcrylicPanels reaches impressive dynamic ranges. The back panel, available in different colors, is made from a rigid monoblock with edges and angles precisely to the millimeter.

Touch Canvas Panels – The professional choice for canvas wall art

Vibrant colors on cotton canvas for an artistic feel mounted with millimetric precision and sharp wrap corners. A superior quality canvas mounted on a planar element that will never collapse, or allow the canvas to loosen and bulge like other panels available on the market. The back panel, available in different colors, is obtained from a rigid monoblock, perfect in every aspect, including the edges and angles with precision to the millimeter. No need to hide the back panel. There are no staples or unsightly mounting. All around perfection!


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