What is the difference between photo editing and retouching of photos? - Peter Tögel

What is the difference between photo editing and retouching of photos?

Photo editing and retouching fall under the category of making changes to photographs in order to refine them. This could entail making subtle changes such as cropping and color correction, or major ones such as body retouching, removing an object or person or sky replacement. Yet, how are photo editing and natural retouching different?

The main distinguishable factor between the two is the magnitude of changes between the original photograph and the final print. Editing includes multiple small changes, such as white balance adjustment, sharpness, resizing, and cropping.

Whereas, realistic retouching requires major or at least more complex changes that are both times to consume and need certain artistic skills to make the final work an art piece.

Examples of basic retouches are blemish removal and small area clothes retouching.

Advanced retouching focuses more on the aesthetics of the image such as the removal of obtrusive objects, changes in light and shadows, body reshaping, and large alterations of clothes, skin, hair, and nails.

Here are a few examples of images and the differences between "Out of the camera", "Edited", and "Retouched" images. Can you see the differences?

We hope, these differences will provide you with useful tips to identify if your wedding photographer has the necessary skills in photography, editing, and retouching so you can hire the best wedding photographer for your big day.