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What should I wear on the day of the photoshoot?   


Peter Tögel Photography believes that there is no rule in regard to what to wear on the day of your shoot. We believe everybody is different for a special reason and is perfect in its own way! If you have areas of your face or body you like less than others, please let us know so we can do all we can to give you images you will love!

We are encouraging all clients to wear what they feel most comfortable wearing. This photoshoot is all about you. So do not try to become somebody else. If you like whimsical, dress whimsically. If you like to be sporty, dress sporty. If you feel sexy, dress sexy.

Make sure that your outfit fits you well and that it is easy for you to move around. The better you feel, the more relaxed you will be during the shoot.

Knowing your body shape can help you choose clothing that fits you best and gives you the images you want. Remember that patterns will draw attention to the area. Vertical and diagonal lines tend to elongate. Dark colors tend to minimize while light colors make that part of your body seem larger. So for example, a lady who feels her bottom half is larger than her top might want to give more symmetry by wearing a solid dark bottom with a lighter colored top with perhaps a scarf or other accessory up top to add volume and texture.

When it comes to shirts, think about your neckline. In front of a camera, a V-neck seems to lengthen your neck while a round neckline will tend to shorten your neck. A collar usually helps to frame your face and a collared shirt with a V-neck or a few buttons was undone work great. As turtlenecks will completely hide your neck, you should probably avoid them for the photoshoot.

Try to coordinate with the overall style of your partner's outfit but do not match your partner's outfit. The more color, the better. We suggest staying away from too many patterns or writing on your clothing as it becomes very distracting and the most important part of the photo is you.

The artwork we will create for you will be displayed in your home and will be treasured in our photo art books for years to come. By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.

The colors that will create the most issues are black and white. Unless you are the bride in your wedding dress, please stay away from bright white shirts and Khakis. If you wear light colors, keep in mind that light can make undergarments shine through. We recommend flesh-toned undergarments when wearing white garments. If you can’t decide between casual and formal, call us or bring multiple outfits along. Bringing more than one outfit never hurts as we can adjust during the shoot.

And finally remember, it’s all about the eyes! Your eyes are the windows into your soul. Your eyes are one of, if not the single most important parts of a good photograph. Please come rested, relaxed, and in a positive frame of mind.